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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 1, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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weeks of dramatic down down right bizarre moments in court. did the defense do enough to get casey anthony off or spare her the death penalty? >> the war on abortion. the last-minute reprieve to abortion clinics prevents it from being the only state in the nation without an abortion provider. advocates see the fight state by state. >> i'm thomas roberts. we begin with breaking news. the shocking twists and turns in the case against dominique strauss-kahn. it's amidst reports of his accuser and the credibility she has may end in his house arrest being thrown out. john than is covnathan is covern
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new york. do we have credibility on the woman and how it's going to affect the day in court? >> it's expected to get started around 11:30. both agreed dominic strauss-kahn will be released on his own. he will no longer have an ankle bracelet or put up money for bail, no longer have the security guards. he will not get his passport back until the charges can be sorted out. high is this happening? there's new information coming to light about the accuser in the case. prosecutors questioned her about her past where she claimed she had been raped once before overseas in her native country and told a detailed gripping, emotional account to the prosecutors and apparently used that story as part of her asylum
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request. they are part of the claims to the story. they continued to question her over the weeks and the story fell apart. we were told she recanted and admitted she lied about it. if she lied about that, what else is she lying about? that is the question. prosecutors have criminal charges against dominic strauss-kahn still stand. given they are going to give up a lot of the bail conditions, it shows prosecutors don't have much confidence in the case going forward. certainly not at the level it's at. the felony charges of attempted rape and forced sex abuse. expect to see him walk out under much looser bail conditions in less than an hour. >> jonathan, real quickly, when did the prosecution start to lose faith in the credibility of the witness? >> this has been ongoing over the last couple weeks. in the last week, they came to the determination that hey,
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she's just not credible and admitted lying about that previous incident. they were obligated to talk to the defense about it. they have to tell the court about it. the other question is where do they go from here in this case? one other point that came up, in addition to that, this woman, according to sources made telephone calls to at least one drug suspect in prison shortly after the arrest talking to him, allegedly about how do i profit? how do i advance as a result of this case, the arrest of dsk. that caused prosecutors great concern as well. >> certainly know more later this morning. thanks. we move to the casey anthony trial. they are in recess. court could resume any moment. this is after the defense raced questions. it's the prosecution's turn to
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rebut after casey's defense team wrapped up its case without putting casey on the stand. the judge wanted to make certain that anthony did not want to take the stand in her own defense. >> you understand that your decision to testify or not testify is solely your decision and your decision alone? >> yes, sir. >> it is your decision not to testify? >> yes, sir. >> we are outside the courthouse in orlando. that was yesterday. now we have a recess. what happens inside the courthouse today? >> reporter: things got ugly this morning inside the courthouse. we saw a heated argument between defense attorney jose baez and the state attorney ashton. this is precisely what baez was reprimanded a few weeks ago.
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he says the opinions have not been properly exposed to the defense team and they have not been able to prepare for what they are going to say. judge perry with little patience left decided to give him time to depose the witnesses. what we expect to hear is what will validate the computer records or the system that will show, likely, that cindy anthony was at work and not at home while the searches for how to make chloroform were made in the household computer. another, we expect will discredit doctors testimony when he said the medical examiner did a poor autopsy and she should have opened caylee's skull to try to find traces of asphyxiation while she did the autopsy. this other witness will say no, that's not net. there's no soft tissue or nothing to examine in caylee's
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remains. so the testimony is valid and the autopsy was perfectly well done. that's what we expect to hear from the witnesses. we don't know when court will resume. we don't know when the judge will say we will work throughout the holiday weekend. >> anxiously awaiting this one. thank you. savannah guthrie is co-host of the 9:00 a.m. hour of today. a legal eagle team we have. savannah, i want to start with you. after resting yesterday, defense rested by excludeing a certain prosecution witness so the defense can interview the witness. explain the strategy when we are so close or we think we are so close to the jury getting the case. >> this is the theme we have had throughout the hour. both teams surprising them with testimony.
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the defense says hey, we didn't know about this witness. we didn't see it coming. we haven't deposed the witness, which is a fancy way of saying interview the witness. the judge has add it with the discovery fights. he feels like he's presiding over a couple kids duking it out. these are serious issues and the lawyers are entitled to hear what they are going to say. he's giving them a chance to have an interview with the witnesses and the trial goes forward. >> you are familiar with jury trials and juries themselves. explain why the judge is adamant about the fact the jury is not going anywhere until it's resolved. after 30 some days, the jury has to be ready to go home. they have been sequestered this entire time. what do you make of how quickly they are going to get the case? >> they are going to get the case over this holiday weekend. they are sequestered. judge perry is correct. he wants to get the case to
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them. they should not have dead time. they want to go home, too. this is a very difficult situation. we don't know who it benefits, the prosecution or the defense. this jury being sequestered is going to hold it against someone. >> we are going to play the sound from someone we had yesterday. i believe it's casey anthony's mom and brother testifying about how they bury the family pets and the resemblance it has to the body of 2-year-old caylee when discovered by the meter maid. take a listen. >> do you swear or affirm to tell the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> i take it you did not euthanize your own pets with chloroform? >> no, ma'am, we did not. did you put duct tape on the animals prior to the burial? >> how was she buried?
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>> in our backyard. >> was she in a plastic bag with duct tape? >> she was in a black plastic bag and i do recall there being duct tape used to secure the bag. >> i think the casual observer, this is a bizarre family as we have been learning about, how they interact. dysfunctional, at best. as we look at how the smoke in mirrors defense played out here, is this a real strategy to say look over here, look over here, look at this shiny object, the jury distracted by all these things played out instead of getting to sexual molestation and to how caylee drown. they haven't established any of that. >> no, they haven't established any of it. there is no burden of truth on the defense to establish anything. in this case, jose baez opened with two complete and consistent
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theories of defense. neither of which he has proven, which he said he was going to prove, one that casey was sexually molested, meaning she knew how to keep secrets and it was an accidental drowning. george found the child and threw her out to the trash. it's a buffet theory. take a little of this and a little of that. >> i call it the spaghetti theory. >> i want to play this for you. there was a disturbance in the courtroom where the judge was having no part of. a 28-year-old man, a spectator in the courtroom, you can see him there on the left side of the screen flipping the middle finger to the prosecution. the judge saw it, dragged the server of tgi friday's in. >> what does that mean, sir, hen
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you extend one's middle finger? >> the "f" word to someone. >> what does it mean to you, sir, not to some, but to you? >> to use the "f" word to someone. >> the judge found the man in contempt of court and sentenced him to six days in court, $400 fine and $200 in court costs. that's a lot of time. >> six days in jail? >> it's a lot of potato skins to serve. >> his parents must be so proud. the judge is saying, i'm not having it. you think he wants to mess up the trial when they are near the end? it took them forever to get to the jury. they've been sitting there. the last thing judge perry wants is to think it's a place for a clown to come in and mess it up.
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i was in a court and a spectator stood up and said let's kill him now. it was terrible. it's an issue with the court. if that happens and the jury hears it. i think the judge was tough on this young man. he wants to send a message to the millions watching, don't come in my courtroom and think you are going to play with me. >> this was done in front of the jury, correct? >> i think it was. who knows if they saw it. i don't know if they were there or not. >> ladies, thanks so much. appreciate your time. we'll see what happens if the jury gets it case this weekend, we'll know pretty soon. ladies, thanks. capitol hill smackdown. the republicans fired up about the president's news conference. they come out blasting him. one says the president needs to take a valume. we are awaiting a pivotal news conference in the search for an indiana student, lauren spur.
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responsibility. what's your policy?
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welcome back, everybody. president obama pointed the finger at congress when it came to slow debt negotiations this week. political opponents were quick and strong with their response. >> it frankly written k ls many of us to have the president in such demagoguery when he, himself, is not willing to take responsibility for his duties. >> his speech that told congress ignored the president obama that he was elected to lead. >> maybe if you take a valium,
11:17 am
it might be helpful. >> karen is an msnbc contribu r contributor. good to have you both here. karen, i want to start with you. maybe if he took a valium. wow. there you have it. this is getting ugly. >> getting? >> it's continuing to be ugly. we still have more than a month to go here. with the attacks coming, is this really the way to make both sides come to the middle and compromise? >> absolutely not. where is the sand box? it is so counter productive to what we need to have happen. i wonder who is out there fighting for the people? it's finger pointing and you shouldn't have done this. it's really ridiculous. we are in crisis. america is in crisis. we need people to get it together. let's come together and make it happen. >> does the president make it worse because he attended a fund racer? >> you know, they knew it was on
11:18 am
his schedule. maybe he should have canceled it. at the end of the day, he's worked more than any of the past previous presidents. even reagan took more time off. he spends time in the office working. george bush was 400 days at the ranch. >> i see that eye roll there. david, why do you think the president's policies make the deficit work? take a listen to this response and we'll talk on the other side. >> i didn't say that things are worse. what i said was the economy hasn't turned around. >> was that a missed opportunity to stay on the fence or can it be used against him if he is the gop nominee? >> if you are going to say a number of jobs, there are more jobs now than a couple months
11:19 am
ago. the problem is, it's not keeping on pace. new people are entering the work force now who can't find jobs because the economy is lousy and despite the promises and throwing $1 trillion down the drain to create jobs, we have nothing to show for it. i think it's certainly appropriate to criticize. to say it's getting worse in some senses you could say that. i don't think it's too much of an exaggeration. however romney wants to put it, standing in front of that factory, the image is stronger than whatever words he happens to say. the meaning is going to be debatable when you talk economics and are things better or worse. it's going to be a debatable question about, you know, in terms of absolute number of jobs. unemployment rate is a different can of words. >> do you think those words are going to come back and haunt him? >> absolutely. 67% are undecided.
11:20 am
he's not helping himself by basically giving the president a pass. >> i want to move on to herman cain, another contender with the gop. he gave an interview saying are you suggesting obama isn't really black. his response, a black man is not intimidated by making the right decisions. so you're saying he's not a black man? >> not in terms of a strong black man i'm identifying with. >> two things going on with herman cain. one, i want to be clear, what he's saying is extremely damaging and counter productive to where we need to come together as americans. what he's saying has itching ears listening on the republican side and quite a few side who agree with the notion that president obama did not come through the slave narrative that many of us have. jim crow, he was raised in
11:21 am
malaysia, he's hawaiian, married a black woman. the question is very well defined for many of us. my mother grew up in georgia. that is what he's talking ability. what is dangerous is the division. he's the only one that can say it and maybe get away with it. i don't think he's getting away with it. i'm surprised this man is making the claim that the president is not black enough. at the end of the day, what are we saying about america? >> we'll see how it plays out for him. thank you, appreciate your time. >> thank you. speaking out of four weeks of intense searching. this was moments ago, her parents taking to the podium to talk about their daughter. we are going to update you on what they had to say. their speech after this. just because the calendar says to. and that a big difference can grow from a small budget. for those of us with grass on our sneakers...
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charlene, rebecca and i and all our family back home are eternally grateful to how the people in bloomington have embraced us, shown us compassion and caring, given us their prayers and good wishes. >> that was just moments ago. the parents of a missing university of indiana student offer heart-felt thanks to find their daughter. she disappeared a month ago after partying with friends. they continue to be baffled. most of her friends didn't come forward. more than 100 people attended a prayer service last night. i'm joined by michelle. in the press conference, the father was asking, appealing for the friends to come forward saying use your moral compass. a lot of the friends lawyered up, the ones of interest to the police. they haven't been informative.
11:26 am
at least five of lauren's friends who are considered persons of interest in this are the ones that are hired personal attorneys, including her boyfriend. based on your reporting, do you think they know more about what happened to lauren spur? >> i think anything is possible. possibly some of the friends that were with her in the last few hours before she went missing may have information and are afraid to come forward. maybe they are confused, hurt or troubled, especially her boyfriend. speaking with lauren's roommate, he's extremely upset. he is heart broken. he wants to find his girlfriend. i think, also, they want to protect themselves. they don't know what's happening here. it's confusing for them. they have lost their friend. here is a young lady who went missing with them in the middle of the night and they are the center of all this as well. they don't know what to do and where to turn.
11:27 am
they are looking for that legal advice. >> bring us up to speed on the police investigation. has the investigation reached a plateau because of the lack of information coming forward? >> at this point, as the tips are coming in, the key ones, investigators will move out on. the daily press conferences we were seeing at the 11:00 our will not happen now. they will only come out if information, you know, warrants them coming out with new nuggets and facts and tips. at this point, what the family and everyone needs to do is keep coming out with something new occasionally, at least once a week so we can put it out there in the national spotlight. someone has information. this beautiful young lady did not vanish off the streets at 4:30 in the morning with no trace, no trail of anything. if folks have something, please step up to the plate and give this family answers. they have been there four weeks
11:28 am
now. her friends, family, loved ones. we are coming up into the middle of summer. we need that bit of information to be able to come forward and round this out. >> we can only imagine what the family is going through, especially if press attention is weaning. weren't they holding two press conferences a day? >> one in the morning and one in the afternoon. in the early stages, three a day. at this point, pick up twitter, facebook, keep it out there along with holy bobo who is missing and michelle lee. the amber alert in michigan to find baby kate. there's a lot of active cases out there. pick up the phone and make a call. >> great to see you, thanks. bridging america's skills gaps. three jobs out there employers
11:29 am
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and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage or visit morning, everyone, i'm thomas roberts. here is what's topping the news. state highway rest areas will be closed in minnesota. they are staying home after a budget impasse forced the minnesota government to shut down. the dispute between the governor and legislature couldn't be resolved. talks fell apart before midnight. at least 17 other states increased retirement costs for public workers as a way to. a tumor removed in cuba. chavez was paler and thinner.
11:33 am
he had two operations including removing a tumor. at the pentagon, leon panetta was sworn in as secretary of defense. he took the oath of office. he sent a message to all troops promising to imlate his pred assessor. a raring just getting under way for dominique strauss-kahn, known as dsk. he's been on house arrest since may when he was accused of sexual assault. now, new doubts about his accusers credibility. michelle bring us up to speed now that this courthouse event is under way. >> reporter: it is. it's under way in a fluent situation inside the courtroom. we have producers inside and we are receiving information court
11:34 am
is in session. dominic strauss-kahn and prosecutors are inside court. we are getting word the defendant is expected to make a bail application and prosecutors are expected to grant that. prosecution is certainly having to explain a lot of details now in these latest twists in light of this information from investigators close to the case in the dominic strauss case of the housekeeper that accused him of attempted rape. other investigators throughout the past five to six weeks spending time with the accuser found holes in her story, not only with this case, but also with her application for asylum here in the u.s. we are told by some investigators close to the case that she is recanted some of what she said she's lied about on her asylum application.
11:35 am
we are waiting to see what happens in court. we are expecting, thomas, that the prosecution is going to agree with the defense to release strauss-kahn. as you may remember, he's been under house arrest since this all took place. >> certainly a major reversal. paying $250,000 a month for the townhouse he's renting in manhattan. keep us posted. thank you. right now, states are scrambling to plug a gaping employment hole leaving businesses to find workers. they need to land the skills gap. a report by georgetown es estimates ho,000 openings by 2014. the so-called skills gap becomes a chasm.
11:36 am
>> i'm joined by glen thompson. congressman, it's nice to have you here with us this morning. tell us how the skills gap is affecting your home state of pennsylvania as well as other states around this country. what are you doing specifically there in p.a. to fix it? >> good morning, thomas. thanks for the opportunity to join you on a very important topic. we need america to be competitive as a qualified and trained work force. we have a skills gap. the career and technical education is undervalued in the past. it's an incredible opportunity. fully -- one-third, nearly one-third of the fastest occupation required an associates degree or vocational certifica certificate. these are jobs as i visit, i find job openings.
11:37 am
despite we are significantly high on unemployment. what the job requires for technical skills and what the work force the unemployed have. supporting, i'm proud to work with my co-chair, congressman jim from rhode island, it's a bipartisan leadership and to lead the career and technical caucus in congress to make sure this type of training is valued and supported the way it needs to be. >> as we know, education is big in this country and the obama administration is talking a lot about community colleges and the importance of education they provide around this country. explain what the initiatives you are currently working on now are going to help us get to those, to that point in 2018 where we are going to have millions of jobs and people to fill them and do it with the skill set needed to excel in those positions. >> absolutely.
11:38 am
two different things that are happening. obviously, there is a merging industries that require these skill sets that all of our manufacturing today is becoming more technical. there's -- i spent time yesterday in a garage with diesel mechanics. they have to be computer technicians with what they do. it's an emerging skill set. and the number of retirements that are going to occur among the trades with the baby boomer generation. we need to make sure we have programs out there, programs where this type of education is accessible. community colleges, career and technical education schools, starting in secondary and post secondary. if they are available, they are accessible and much more affordable. they put people on pathways for success. we need to make sure the pathway is out there. we tend to be locked into the country that a four-year college
11:39 am
degree is the only way to success. i disagree with that. i think there are many ways to success. >> there are options people can go after. i want to talk numbers here. georgetown's center on education in the work force says the earnings gap between college educated workers and workers who only completed high school is going to go higher by 2025. we need a add to get the inequality down. in your estimation, can we get there? can we do it? >> i think we can. i think we have to. i think america's success in the world marketplace is dependent upon the manufacturers, service industries being successful. it means they are able to find their number one asset. i think we can do that. it's a partnership, though. it is public policy. it's state policy. those legislatures, it's also our employers.
11:40 am
it is our school systems. it's all of us working together. i have seen great models where that does occur. where schools, they have the type of support that they are looking for. they partner with local industry. they provide a work force for that particular area that meets the marketplace and provides people access with sustaining jobs. >> i know it sounds so far off to talk 2018 and 2025 but it's going to be here in the blink of an eye. thanks for coming on. thank you for your time. >> thanks very much. a big question. want to get away this weekend? if so, you are one of the many aaa says will be in the tens of millions thanks to lower prices at the pump. tom joins us more on this one. planes, trains and automobiles, tom. >> reporter: people taking to
11:41 am
the road is down and people taking to the skies is up. coast-to-coast, beaches and barbecues, camping and celebration. july 1st and the 2011 great escape is on. from yosemite in the west to the maryland shore -- >> i like the beach and the girls. it's the best. >> reporter: aaa says 39 million americans will travel 50 miles or more this long weekend. it's 1 million fewer than last year. you can blame the pain at the pump. the national average for unledded $3.54 a gallon, down from the high in may. still 80 cents higher than a year ago. >> it's tough. we are still transitioning. we have gotten in the habit of not traveling as much.
11:42 am
>> reporter: fewer people are driving than a year ago, more people are flying. air travel is up 9% this summer. >> for some people, it may be more convenient and cheaper to drive. >> reporter: airline tickets are up 11% on average. >> cutting back on trips and staying home more. >> an exciting trip. the first time we have been anywhere together on a trip like this, over the big pond. >> reporter: the top family destination this summer, orlando. the top destination for singles and couples, las vegas, new york, chicago and seattle. the good news, experts say there are plenty of flexible hotel deals out there especially in orlando, reno, portland, seattle and colorado. >> free nights, free room upgrades, kids stay free. take advantage of the offerings to offset higher gas prices and higher air fares. >> reporter: back on the
11:43 am
maryland shore, a yearly ritual. >> i bring my kids to hang out, have a good time, eat pizza and have popcorn. >> reporter: this is traditionally one of the deadliest days on the road. use common sense. back to you. >> absolutely. be aware of that. great to have you. enjoy your july 4th weekend. >> thank you. abortion which is under scrutiny this this country -- excuse me. we are going to skip that. we have breaking news involving dominic strauss-kahn. i'm learning he's been sent out of the court after going in for the brief hearing this morning. the judge said the risk that you won't show up has been lessened. you must show up at the next court case. prior security order vacated. cash and bond exonerated, released. this is in light of new
11:44 am
information that came forward to the prosecution about the credibility of his accuser. the person, the maid at the hotel that accused dominic strauss-kahn, head of the imf of sexual assault. that is the car on the righthand side that holds him. he was due in court this morning at 11:30 this morning. it was quick. he's released at 11:44. we're going to be back with more on msnbc after this. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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11:48 am
assault on state by state abortions and winning. kerry is the state coordinatoco. for decades, kansas has been a hot bed of antiabortion. around the country, we remember the death of dr. george tiller in 2009 killed by an activist. now, they have this small victory, but how is this going to impact abortion services in the state and what does it do to the national conversation? >> well, this victory has very serious consequences for the women of kansas. with the implementation of this legislation we saw this week, we did have three abortion clinics in the kansas city area serving women. the ultimate result of the implementation of these extreme regulations is that we now have one abortion clinic still
11:49 am
standing, at a planned parenthood in mid missouri. >> let's talk about the parameters they had to meet. the room size, equipment, hospital tiles. explain why it was so tough to meet and how strong the push was to prevent the licenses. >> well, these particular regulations that are required have nothing to do with the health and well being of kansas women. they deal primarily with the sizes of janitorial closets, the temperature of recovery rooms, they even have regulations included within them that are harmful to women. they require that women stay two hours after a procedure in recovery, which is against standard obgyn protocol. it's best to get up, eat something. as far as how tough it was or
11:50 am
what the fight has been like against this, we have done our best against a very rabid, very large conservative majority in the state, and a governor who has publicly stated that he will sign any anti-abortion bill or proabortion bill, rather, that comes across his desk. >> and you are the state organizer for the national organization of women in kansas. do you talk to your counterparts about this happening in other states? >> the conversation is limited right now. you know, we do stay in touch via social media outlets, et cetera. but right now there are very few of us on the ground fighting this legislation and it really takes all of our resources and energy to stay focused on what we're doing here. >> thank you so much for joining us today. we continue to follow the stories coming to us out of kansas. thanks again. >> thank you. we want to take you to break
11:51 am
with new video, the breaking news about dominique strauss-kahn. this is video of him leaving the courthouse after the judge this morning said the risk that you won't show up has been lessened. you must show up at your next court case, i'm sure you will. the process will continue. in the meantime, cash and bond exonerated, released on own recognizance, this is in light of new information that's come forward to prosecutors and the defense team, the credibility of his accuser is waning. we're back with much more on msnbc right after this. >> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one. that's why the network that connects, protects, and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever. [ female announcer ] kiss everything you know about cookies goodbye.
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11:54 am
the adventure throughout the neighbor to the north continues today, the duke and duchess of cambridge take in the sights and sounds of canada during a week long trip. kevin tibbles live in ottawa for us this morning. how has the reception been for the royal couple? we can see by the masses behind you they're pretty excited. >> reporter: when you say big crowds, i've got to tell you that is a huge understatement.
11:55 am
they're expecting a half million people to come out here today. now, it's a bit of a two-fold thing. yes, will and kate are here on their first international tour as a married couple and so many people want to see them and see what she's wearing, of course, but of course it is also canada day. this is this nation's national holiday on july 1st, and there is so much entertainment going on here in the nation's capital. so much i must say that the prince and his bride are actually going to be coming over here to take in some of that entertainment in very short time. they're going to be arriving in a horse-driven landeau. the prime minister has arrived, perhaps you can hear the pipes playing in the background. there is a huge crowd here already on a very sunny, hot, humid day. everyone here just hoping to catch a glimpse of the new newlyweds. >> kevin tibbles for us in ottawa. that's going to do it for me today, i'm going to see you back
11:56 am
here at 11:00 a.m. eastern time next week. until that time, follow me on twitter. have a wonderful july fourth weekend. male announcer ] introducing mio. a revolutionary water enhancer. add a little...add a lot. for a drink that's just the way you like it. make it yours. make it mio. for a drink that's just the way you like it. host: could switching to geico 15% or more on car insurance? host: what, do you live under a rock? man: no way! man: hey rick check this out! anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save 15% or more on car insurance. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin.
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very good day. i'm richard lui, breaking news right now in new york. scandalized ex-imf chief dominique strauss-kahn is a free man, conditionally released from house arrest after the hotel maid that accused him of sexual assault was caught in a web of lies. here's the maid's attorney speaking right now. we're watching this live. let's stop by and take a listen. >> those three days that i was away they met with my client. i didn't bother them. but i checked in on the second day. and i found out something very disturbing. i spoke to the victim and i spoke to her 15-year-old daughter and i said, how's it going? they said, not too well.


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